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I am currently in the process of transferring the biggest, best-quality versions I have of all my vids to an archive on a portable hard drive (which means pulling the really old files off DVDs) and OH MY LORD I had forgotten how many of these are terrible quality and tiny frame size. Like, I remember what a big deal it was to work with shiny DVD source when I made "Come On" and "Superstar" (though I also remember how stressful it was because my computer could JUST BARELY handle those files and kept crashing all the time), but I had forgotten just HOW bad the horrible downloads I was using before were. Squinty-vision! Tiny pixellated frames! It's good that I no longer care very much about those early vids. I am kind of tempted to delete them, but on days when I feel like a hack who will never make anything interesting again, it's good to have them out there to remind me that a) I have gotten better at this stupid hobby, and b) I got better mostly by showing up and doing it; making what amounts to the same vid five times may seem ridiculous now, even to me, but it was an important part of that showing-up-and-doing-it process.

In other not-very-surprising news, I kind of want to remake "Cat Scan Hist'ry" with Bluray source. I don't need to, but I want to. It was my watershed vid! It should be shiny! I think I am too lazy to actually do it, though, which is probably a good thing.

In conclusion, YAY FOR ACCESS TO SHINY SOURCE. My last four vids have all been made with fantastic high-def source, and my computer has never once choked on it. We're living in the future and I LOVE IT.
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This poem is my reminder to myself that when there is so much to push against we need the little victories too.

I Have This Way of Being

I have this, and this isn’t a mouth
          full of the names of odd flowers

I’ve grown in secret.
          I know none of these by name

but have this garden now,
          and pastel somethings bloom

near the others and others.
          I have this trowel, these overalls,

this ridiculous hat now.
          This isn’t a lung full of air.

Not a fist full of weeds that rise
          yellow then white then windswept.

This is little more than a way
          to kneel and fill gloves with sweat,

so that the trowel in my hand
          will have something to push against,

rather, something to push
          against that it knows will bend

and give and return as sprout
          and petal and sepal and bloom.

— Jamaal May
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This is the first time since 2009 that I premiered a vid in an odd-numbered year OR finished a vid for Club Vivid. It's a miracle!

She Said
fandom: Supergirl
music: Farah, "What She Said"
summary: We can handle anything you wanna throw our way.
AO3 | Tumblr

Download: She Said mp4 (147 MB)

password: supergirl

Yay, Kara! Yay, ladies! This was actually going to be much more of an ensemble-y vid than it turned out to be, but Kara kept being adorable and determined all over the place and I could not resist her. Thanks to [personal profile] renenet for beta (and for keeping the comparisons to [personal profile] sisabet's delightful Supergirl vid to a minimum).

+ + +

Live in This City
fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
music: Dragonette
summary: This city can't live without me us.
AO3 | Tumblr

Download: Live in This City mp4 (150 MB)

password: team

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, I made a Ghostbusters ensemble vid. :D :D :D   Big thanks to [personal profile] grammarwoman for beta!

All comments and feedback are welcome.

NOTE: If you want to know when I post new vids, you can track the "vids: announcements" tag on this journal or subscribe to faviconheresluck at the AO3.


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