Sep. 24th, 2007

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I've just gotten into Battlestar Galactica and I LOVE it!  So I've been searching out vids for Season 1, and here are some of my favorites.  Plus a few that actually convinced me to watch the series:  God Is A DJ, Cold, Cold Water and Mainstream.

God Is A DJ by Dualbunny:
(mostly season 1, but some of season 2.  Very minor spoilers.  I still recommend  it because it’ll get you pumped up for the show.  Plus I love Starbuck, and this vid is all about her).

Cold, Cold Water by SD Wolfpup: 
(spoilers through season 1.  Starbuck and Apollo)

Falling From The Sky by Jarrow:
(Doesn’t seem to have any spoilers.  Starbuck and her pilots)

The Scientist by Fahrbot Drusilla:
(Covers more than season 1, but I’m not sure that it has any spoilers.  Interesting character vid for Gaius Baltar, it will make you feel for him.  Plus he and Six have one of the most intriguing relationships of the series.)

The World Is Not Enough by butterfly:
( minor spoilers for season 1, but you may still want to see it.  Excellent character study for Six)

Bones by SabaceanBabe:
(spoilers through season 3, I think.  Good overview of the whole cast)

Mainstream by Charmax :
(I love Charmax!  Season 1 and beyond, I’m not sure how far.  Spoilers.)

Precious by Sabacean Babe:
( Spoilers!  Mostly season 1 I think.  Sharon and Helo)

Sex, Violence and Cylons by Martouf Marty:
(Excellent, but spoilers for season 1 and beyond, don’t watch till you’ve seen more.)



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