Aug. 21st, 2009

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So this was my first Vividcon and I was so excited about it; apparently my excitement showed! Someone said I had the look of a con first-timer and I totally did. I’m sure I was grinning at everyone. It was awesome to meet all of you, people whose names I’ve been seeing for a few years now and people whose vids I’ve adored. It was really a one of a kind experience, and I hope to go again. Here are some of the highlights for me, now that I‘m starting to have time to get them together.

1. Club Vivid rocks! Someone said that it’s surprisingly easy to dance to awesome vids in a dark room with glow sticks and other enthusiastic fans and they were totally right. I'm glad that I decided to go in costume, too. I mean, where else am I going to rock the Starfleet uniform? I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I didn’t think I would really dance, but I did. I pretty much danced all night, and it was so much fun. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the con.

2. Premieres and Nearly New were awesome; the movie atmosphere with the huge screen was neat. My husband Neo and I saw Nearly New in the big room, and premieres in the overflow room. The overflow room was neat because it was more casual, and I got to talk with (ie: fangirl at) [personal profile] luminosity  about Ecstatic Drum Trip and Farscape. Lots of really awesome vids, it was cool to see them back to back, like a best of the best for the year. Vid review the next day was neat. I didn’t actually realize what it was going to consist of, but after seeing so many vids they all ran together and I wasn’t able to always remember each vid entirely, or what I thought about them. I think I’ll be able to give better reviews on second re-watches. Yay for the Con DVD! I think I’ll get into it this weekend. Is there any way to get DVD's or booklets for past cons?

3. Meeting people was awesome. Luminosity, Elynross, and kassrachel were all wonderfully welcoming to me right off the bat, and I really appreciated that. Millylicious was also very nice, and I appreciated the time she spent with me talking about Photoshop. I had a fantastic time talking with Vlad during the buffet, and dancing with Nora Bombay, Frostfire, Millylicious and Shinetheway at Club Vivid. And it was so cool to meet Here’s Luck, BradCPU, AbsoluteDestiny, hollywoodgrrl, Jarrow and Dragonchic. I really admire their vidding skills, so it was neat just to be around them. I know that’s not everyone I met and talked with (Neo and I talked with someone quite a bit during the buffet before Club Vivid, but I can't remember her name), I know I’ve forgotten some people’s names now, so let me just say that everyone there made my experience really fun. Everywhere I went people were discussing vids or fic and saying totally fannish stuff that made me smile.

4. There were some really cool panels. Milly’s Photoshop and Jescaflown’s AE and Premiere gave me a good idea of what more I can do with my vids, and how to use the software programs together to maximize time and effectiveness. I still have a lot to learn, but at least I feel like I know where to start. Here’s Luck is an awesome vidder and gave me lots to think about when timing my vids. The challenge is not cutting on every single beat, but using the beats and various instrumental aspects of music to emphasize movement and visual significance of clips. I think I’ll have to study her vids further to learn that lesson better ;) Motion Roller Coaster by anoel was really cool too, lots of amazing vids that I totally want to review again. In-Depth vid review with Milly and Absolutedestiny was awesome. The vids reviewed were incredible, and it was so cool to hear other people's thoughts about them.

5. The Star Trek party was a blast. There is nothing like watching vids and parts of Trek with a bunch of loud, enthusiastic fans. It was really fun.

6. The Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility was really cool. It was so awesome to meet Astolat, Francesca Coppa, Rebecca Tushnet and everyone else who is so involved with the OTW. I really believe in the OTW’s mission and how they are making it happen, and it was really cool to get a progress review in person. Kassrachel has an in depth con report here that has a very detailed section of the Town Hall.

I only wish I had more days before and after the con to meet people and see the city. Neo and I were going to see downtown on Sunday afternoon after the challenge show but it was pouring rain. Since we weren’t likely to see much or want to get out of the car we decided to hang out for a while longer at the con. I think the con was really well run. Everything was very organized and it was really cool to have the whole second floor to ourselves. The buffet before Club Vivid was amazing, too. I'd love to go again. Maybe not next year, but when I have the time and money again. Thanks everyone for an amazing first time!


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