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2010-01-22 03:58 pm

Festivids recs!

I've just discovered Festivids and it's so much fun!  Like Yuletide for vids.  Here are a few of the entries I liked, though I haven't watched everything by far.  So far the vidders are still anonymous, I'm not sure when names will be revealed.

Treat Me Like A Villain for Milly, Dark Angel:
This was dark and complex and filled with so much pain. I've only seen a few Dark Angel episodes, but this makes me want to see more to really understand what was done here. Gorgeous editing though, with all the back and forth between strong and weak, triumph and despair.

Open Up for wyomingnot, The Fifth Element:
Really active editing and pretty source! Great beat, a lot of fun.

Body and Soul for hollywoodgrrl, Legend of the Seeker:
Another gorgeous vid, with fantastic, quick editing and beautiful source.  And a hot song with hot actors!
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2009-10-15 08:38 pm

Vividcon 09 Vid Recs

So here's where I finally rec some vids from Vividcon. Better late than never, right? Wow, there were so many vids, and I’ve only gotten through the first two discs. I feel like I want to rec them all, but clearly that's not practical so I have to narrow down the list ;)

Motion Roller Coaster )

Premieres From Themed Shows )

Premieres )

Also Premiering )

I'll be posting more as I finish the other two discs, hopefully soon.
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2009-07-03 04:30 pm

Star Trek 2009 and Stargate Atlantis vid recs, plus Vidder Radio

A few more fun Star Trek recs.  For the most part these are general or Kirk vids:

Trip Like I Do by un4scene:  So far as I can tell, this is a vid about how awesome the crew of the Enterprise is.  Really tight editing to a pretty hard core song.  Great vid.

A Million Miles From Here by nel-ani:  All he wants to be is a million miles from here. Kirk finds home on the Enterprise.  She really captures Jim's restlessness and his experience on the Enterprise.

I'm On A Boat by kiki-miserychic:  Kirk's got his nautical themed pashmina afghan. DON'T YOU EVER FORGET.  Major Crack vid, so much fun.

On the Dance Floor by sloanesomething:  Too many men, not enough ladies in Star Trek!  Another crack vid, but also very true.  Very funny.

I also recently saw several Stargate Atlantis vids that were just wonderful.

Liquid Bird by hollywoodgrrl:  A final farewell to the Team and the City that changed them all forever. Gorgeous editing, really made me want to see even more of the series.

Language by newkidfan:  A gorgeous look at all the things John doesn't or can't say. Very emotional and moving, beautiful and simple effects to accentuate the lyrics.
So a couple of weeks ago VidderKidder hosted his first Vidder Radio with Luminosity!  The link is here.  I thought it was really cool to hear her speak about vidding, her personal history, and a bit of her vidding philosophy.  It was a great show.  The link above will let you stream the feed or download it.  While speaking Luminosity mentioned a documentary on movie editing called The Cutting Edge.  It covers the history of movie editing and why editing is so important, and it has interviews with lots of famous directors and some editors.  There are some clips of it on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2,  Part 3, and the clips are really cool.  I think it's a must see for vidders, just to get a great overall perspective on our craft.  (I don't think it includes any technical info).  I might even consider buying it to see the whole thing. 
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2009-05-31 09:48 pm

Star Trek XI! Vid and fic recs, plus my review

Star Trek XI is my latest craze, it's fun and exciting and you should all go watch it before it leaves the theaters.

I really did enjoy it, and I think it may be my favorite movie of 2009, already.  It’s a great action movie.  It has a quick pace that moves along quickly through the story, but the individual scenes are cut really quickly also, giving the whole movie a really aggressive feel that I liked.  I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters, the fun snappy banter that made me laugh out loud.  They did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life, in my opinion, especially Spock.  Zachary Quinto looked and acted just like him, and I really felt for his losses.  And I loved the relationship between Spock and Uhura.  I’m a sucker for a good romance, and theirs was well done.  The whole thing gave me a kind of nostalgic squee that I haven’t gotten over.


Probably the best thing about this movie though is the way it’s brought Star Trek to a new generation.  While standing around outside talking with my family after the movie a group of children ran past and stopped to look at the Trek poster on the wall.  One said “Look, Star Trek!  Let’s see Star Trek!” and all his friends agreed.  I think you have to love that.  Although I consider myself a Star Trek fan, I’ve seen very little of TOS because it doesn’t get played on TV much.  I’ve seen a lot more of TNG, Voyager, and some Enterprise.  But this movie has gotten me really excited about TOS, so I’ve been renting the movies from Blockbuster and DVR’ing the episodes when they air.  I’m enjoying them, even though the older stuff does feel a little different.



Spoilers )


So bring on the vids!  There are a huge number of vids already, but I guess that shouldn’t surprise me since fandom loves this movie so much.  I should probably warn that pretty much all of these vids contain spoilers for the movie.  As I said earlier I really liked Spock and Uhura’s relationship, so I think I’ll start there. 

The Vids )




The fic )


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2009-05-20 09:13 pm
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Four Years In Fandom

This month marks four years in fandom for me.  I've been thinking a lot about fandom lately and so I thought I'd write about what it means to me.


My love letter to fandom )
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2009-01-16 08:08 pm
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Battlestar Galactica: Vid and Fic recs

It's the beginning of the end tonight!  I've been watching BSG vids in my excitement and wanted to rec a few, plus a fic.

We didn't start the fire by chaila43
All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. As foretold by Billy Joel.  Overview of the series, in a weird way, yet all of the references fit surprisingly well. Very tight editing, and a neat vid to an unusual song choice.

Southside by bop_radar
Lee, Kara, Helo and Sharon and the cool ride their friendship takes through the series. The cool flying and fighting, and the fun and dramatic turns their relationships take.

Karma Police by SuperKC
A powerful look at four of the final five and how the knowledge of what they are shakes them to the core.  How the humans will treat them harshly for being cylons, as they themselves have done to others.  What kind of future do they have now?

This World by Buffyann
The editing really flowed with this one, especially the moment at 1:15 when the vidder transitions from the model viper used for planning to the pilot actually leaving for combat.  Really beautifully done, plus the footage is crisp and beautiful.

Addicted by Hazyshade
I'm a sucker for this song and I really think it illustrates well the fatal attraction between Lee and Kara.

Thank You by Canadiangirl_86
A really sweet, light vid for Kara and Lee that shows all the very best things about their relationship.

Keeps Getting Better by Taragel
Kick-ass Starbuck!  This really shows the duality of her personality: fun and bitchy.  Perfect song choice, perfect clip choices and great editing and flow.

Before the Dawn by Cylune
A moving montage of Kara and Lee, and how they try to support each other through the worst.

 See more of my Battlestar Galactica vid recs here.

 I have one fic to rec: Benevolent Sibling by mercurial_wit
The Cylons spy on the humans using D'Anna's film footage of the crew. Silly and great fun, though kind of long.


I've also been watching the special clips over at Scifi.com.  I especially liked the What The Frak Is Going On? clip that condenses the whole show down to eight minutes whith a commentator.  It's pretty funny. 

The trailer for the new Caprica series about the beginning of the Cylons and the rise of the Adama family looks really interesting.  I can't wait to watch it.   

Plot threads that I want to see resolved before the end:

Who is the final cylon?

What is Kara's destiny?

What happened to Earth?

Will the cylon war resolve itself in a way that helps the humans?

Can the humans and cylons wind up living peacefully together?

Will Kara and her husband resolve their differences and make their marriage work?


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2009-01-05 01:17 pm
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Vid recs: BSG

Some vids lately that I've enjoyed for Battlestar Galactica.  The end is almost here!

Clint Eastwood by Bob-radar:  The circus that is Baltar, Music by The Gorillaz. Shows all the ways that Baltar is crazy and full of himself and insecure all at once. Supurb and funny editing.

So What by Taragel:  Starbuck and Sam.  Pink rocks and fits so well with Starbuck. Everything that's wrong with the end of their relationship. Funny, sad, very well done.

You've Got A Friend by Taragel:  A fun, fast paced vid for Starbuck and Helo's friendship.

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2008-11-28 12:26 pm
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Music I've found from watching fan vids

Since getting my iPhone and setting up my Last.fm profile I've been struck by how many songs and artists I've found through fan videos that I probably wouldn't have found otherwise.  Exposure to new music is a great bonus to vid watching.  Of course lots of the songs used in vids are ones you hear on the radio every so often, so it's not the first time I've heard the song or the only place I will ever hear it.  But vidders often use music that gets no airplay at all, so I might have never heard it if I never watched the vid.  If I fall in love with a vid I wind up loving the song to bits too.  I get a happy rush when hearing it and will always think of the vid.  So here is a lot of the music that I love that was discovered through vids and not heard anywhere else.

The music and vids )
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2008-10-25 06:34 pm
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Babylon 5 - my new fav TV show

I recently started watching the TV show Babylon 5 on DVD, after much poking and prodding for the last 2 years!  I have to say that I really love it, maybe even more than Battlestar Galactica.  It took me a little while to form an emotional connection to it, almost halfway through the first season, but once I did I couldn't get enough of it.

The absolute best thing about the series is that it has a wonderful and very complex story arch.  It's kept up an intense pace full of change, with new characters every so often to keep things fresh.  I'm almost through the 3rd season and it's been so exciting to see the way so many tiny details have come together to create this very rich storyline and universe of characters.  Each plot twist and development builds on the previous season, explaining mysteries that were set up a year or two before and setting up new ones.  It's almost as if every detail about each and every character and activity is used at a later date, building a vibrant and changing story.  And the story has changed over the last three seasons, it has evolved tremendously.  The very purpose of the station and the goals of the characters have changed, though I won't say anymore for risk of spoiling something.  But most of all I appreciate the way the story is progressing logically.  Battlestar Galactica has disappointed me because it's plot developments often make no sense and don't really further the story .  However I continue to be really delighted by Babylon 5's plot.

The writing for the show is excellent, very much like an exciting novel has been revealed onscreen.  The show covers a wide range of topics, like social control, economics, war, governmental corruption, social psychology, personal choice and spirituality.  It is full of philosophy about life, existence, war, and hope in the face of darkness.  Each major alien race is fully evolved, with it's own religion, social structure, government, appearance and personality.  It's been very interesting to see them interact together, for better and for worse.  And the future Earth has evolved too, for better or worse.  The dialog is strong, funny, poignant and believable overall.

B5 is full of wonderful and unique characters of all kinds, from amusing to serious.  The acting is top-notch and each character is brought to life in a way that is convincing.  All of them do a really wonderful job.  I love Delenn for her wisdom, integrity, compassion and strength.  I like Susan Ivanova as a strong female presence in the command staff, plus she makes me laugh.  I'm growing to love Vir Cotto for his budding independence and character.  I have loved watching Jeffrey Sinclair's destiny be revealed, that was a superb bit of writing.

I have to admit that the computer graphics for the show aren't as good as today's viewer is used to, and that put me off for a little bit.  After getting used to the beautiful world of Battlestar Galactica, B5 looked very basic.  But B5 was made in the early 90's, and was actually on the cutting edge for it's time.  The wonderful plot and characters more than make up for the visual appearance of the show, so don't let it prevent you from watching.

The only fan fic I have seen for the show is a House/Babylon 5 crossover called Hand More Instrumental by aris_tgd.  It's well written, she puts House and his team into the B5 medlab quite successfully.  The only fan vid I have seen is Not Ready To Make Nice by jedi_of_urth, abut Susan Ivanova.  The song is a good one for her and the editing is ok, worth watching.   It's puzzling that there are so few fan works for B5.  A show of this caliber should have a strong following, but I haven't seen it.  Perhaps some will pop up on the Archive of Our Own.

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2008-07-03 11:38 am
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Vid Rec - Firefly - Rodeohead by AbsoluteDestiny

Title: Rodeohead
Vidder: AbsoluteDestiny
Music by: Hard n Phirm
Footage from: Firefly, Serenity

This vid by AbsoluteDestiny for the show Firefly is pure vid mastery.  The editing is excellent, using every little bit of the song perfectly.  It made me laugh, but was also quite dramatic.  The song choice was surprising and might not seem like your cup o' tea at first, but give it a chance.  You won't be dissapointed.

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2007-09-24 01:49 pm
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Battlestar Galactica Vid Recs

I've just gotten into Battlestar Galactica and I LOVE it!  So I've been searching out vids for Season 1, and here are some of my favorites.  Plus a few that actually convinced me to watch the series:  God Is A DJ, Cold, Cold Water and Mainstream.

God Is A DJ by Dualbunny:
(mostly season 1, but some of season 2.  Very minor spoilers.  I still recommend  it because it’ll get you pumped up for the show.  Plus I love Starbuck, and this vid is all about her).

Cold, Cold Water by SD Wolfpup: 
(spoilers through season 1.  Starbuck and Apollo)

Falling From The Sky by Jarrow:
(Doesn’t seem to have any spoilers.  Starbuck and her pilots)

The Scientist by Fahrbot Drusilla:
(Covers more than season 1, but I’m not sure that it has any spoilers.  Interesting character vid for Gaius Baltar, it will make you feel for him.  Plus he and Six have one of the most intriguing relationships of the series.)

The World Is Not Enough by butterfly:
( minor spoilers for season 1, but you may still want to see it.  Excellent character study for Six)

Bones by SabaceanBabe:
(spoilers through season 3, I think.  Good overview of the whole cast)

Mainstream by Charmax :
(I love Charmax!  Season 1 and beyond, I’m not sure how far.  Spoilers.)

Precious by Sabacean Babe:
( Spoilers!  Mostly season 1 I think.  Sharon and Helo)

Sex, Violence and Cylons by Martouf Marty:
(Excellent, but spoilers for season 1 and beyond, don’t watch till you’ve seen more.)


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2007-09-21 10:34 pm
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Lord of the Rings Vid Recs

I have just seen Ascension, one of the best Lord of the Rings videos ever, by AJ Johnson.  His two LotR vids are two of the best out there, so i wanted to rec them both.  Download at http://hitmanyr2k.com/Creativity5.htm

with Burn by Sevendust
This manages to be both Kick-Ass and poignant.  It's the best look I have seen at the influence of the ring on all who encounter it.  It's an absolutely amazing vid that left me with a bittersweet and overwhelming feeling of loss about the whole journey.

Eternal Souls
with A Thousand Years by Sting
This really brought out the eternal nature of the fight of good vs. evil and the moments for each character that tipped the scales one way or the other in that fight. o