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A few more fun Star Trek recs.  For the most part these are general or Kirk vids:

Trip Like I Do by un4scene:  So far as I can tell, this is a vid about how awesome the crew of the Enterprise is.  Really tight editing to a pretty hard core song.  Great vid.

A Million Miles From Here by nel-ani:  All he wants to be is a million miles from here. Kirk finds home on the Enterprise.  She really captures Jim's restlessness and his experience on the Enterprise.

I'm On A Boat by kiki-miserychic:  Kirk's got his nautical themed pashmina afghan. DON'T YOU EVER FORGET.  Major Crack vid, so much fun.

On the Dance Floor by sloanesomething:  Too many men, not enough ladies in Star Trek!  Another crack vid, but also very true.  Very funny.

I also recently saw several Stargate Atlantis vids that were just wonderful.

Liquid Bird by hollywoodgrrl:  A final farewell to the Team and the City that changed them all forever. Gorgeous editing, really made me want to see even more of the series.

Language by newkidfan:  A gorgeous look at all the things John doesn't or can't say. Very emotional and moving, beautiful and simple effects to accentuate the lyrics.
So a couple of weeks ago VidderKidder hosted his first Vidder Radio with Luminosity!  The link is here.  I thought it was really cool to hear her speak about vidding, her personal history, and a bit of her vidding philosophy.  It was a great show.  The link above will let you stream the feed or download it.  While speaking Luminosity mentioned a documentary on movie editing called The Cutting Edge.  It covers the history of movie editing and why editing is so important, and it has interviews with lots of famous directors and some editors.  There are some clips of it on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2,  Part 3, and the clips are really cool.  I think it's a must see for vidders, just to get a great overall perspective on our craft.  (I don't think it includes any technical info).  I might even consider buying it to see the whole thing. 
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