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Since getting my iPhone and setting up my Last.fm profile I've been struck by how many songs and artists I've found through fan videos that I probably wouldn't have found otherwise.  Exposure to new music is a great bonus to vid watching.  Of course lots of the songs used in vids are ones you hear on the radio every so often, so it's not the first time I've heard the song or the only place I will ever hear it.  But vidders often use music that gets no airplay at all, so I might have never heard it if I never watched the vid.  If I fall in love with a vid I wind up loving the song to bits too.  I get a happy rush when hearing it and will always think of the vid.  So here is a lot of the music that I love that was discovered through vids and not heard anywhere else.

The music and vids )
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I have just seen Ascension, one of the best Lord of the Rings videos ever, by AJ Johnson.  His two LotR vids are two of the best out there, so i wanted to rec them both.  Download at http://hitmanyr2k.com/Creativity5.htm

with Burn by Sevendust
This manages to be both Kick-Ass and poignant.  It's the best look I have seen at the influence of the ring on all who encounter it.  It's an absolutely amazing vid that left me with a bittersweet and overwhelming feeling of loss about the whole journey.

Eternal Souls
with A Thousand Years by Sting
This really brought out the eternal nature of the fight of good vs. evil and the moments for each character that tipped the scales one way or the other in that fight. o
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Vid Title: May It Be
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Song/Artist:   May It Be and Last Rose of Summer by Celtic Woman
Music Genere: Celtic, vocal music
Video Category: Romance!

The timeless love of Arwen and Aragorn.  I loved making this video because I just love LotR and their story within it.

My website is down for the moment, but I'll be happy to send you a download link if you comment or PM me!  Also posted at AO3 and  Vidding_Archive.

ETA 6-26-09:  Info on imeem deleting all user generated content, including my vids, can be found here.   




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