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It's the beginning of the end tonight!  I've been watching BSG vids in my excitement and wanted to rec a few, plus a fic.

We didn't start the fire by chaila43
All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. As foretold by Billy Joel.  Overview of the series, in a weird way, yet all of the references fit surprisingly well. Very tight editing, and a neat vid to an unusual song choice.

Southside by bop_radar
Lee, Kara, Helo and Sharon and the cool ride their friendship takes through the series. The cool flying and fighting, and the fun and dramatic turns their relationships take.

Karma Police by SuperKC
A powerful look at four of the final five and how the knowledge of what they are shakes them to the core.  How the humans will treat them harshly for being cylons, as they themselves have done to others.  What kind of future do they have now?

This World by Buffyann
The editing really flowed with this one, especially the moment at 1:15 when the vidder transitions from the model viper used for planning to the pilot actually leaving for combat.  Really beautifully done, plus the footage is crisp and beautiful.

Addicted by Hazyshade
I'm a sucker for this song and I really think it illustrates well the fatal attraction between Lee and Kara.

Thank You by Canadiangirl_86
A really sweet, light vid for Kara and Lee that shows all the very best things about their relationship.

Keeps Getting Better by Taragel
Kick-ass Starbuck!  This really shows the duality of her personality: fun and bitchy.  Perfect song choice, perfect clip choices and great editing and flow.

Before the Dawn by Cylune
A moving montage of Kara and Lee, and how they try to support each other through the worst.

 See more of my Battlestar Galactica vid recs here.

 I have one fic to rec: Benevolent Sibling by mercurial_wit
The Cylons spy on the humans using D'Anna's film footage of the crew. Silly and great fun, though kind of long.


I've also been watching the special clips over at Scifi.com.  I especially liked the What The Frak Is Going On? clip that condenses the whole show down to eight minutes whith a commentator.  It's pretty funny. 

The trailer for the new Caprica series about the beginning of the Cylons and the rise of the Adama family looks really interesting.  I can't wait to watch it.   

Plot threads that I want to see resolved before the end:

Who is the final cylon?

What is Kara's destiny?

What happened to Earth?

Will the cylon war resolve itself in a way that helps the humans?

Can the humans and cylons wind up living peacefully together?

Will Kara and her husband resolve their differences and make their marriage work?


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Some vids lately that I've enjoyed for Battlestar Galactica.  The end is almost here!

Clint Eastwood by Bob-radar:  The circus that is Baltar, Music by The Gorillaz. Shows all the ways that Baltar is crazy and full of himself and insecure all at once. Supurb and funny editing.

So What by Taragel:  Starbuck and Sam.  Pink rocks and fits so well with Starbuck. Everything that's wrong with the end of their relationship. Funny, sad, very well done.

You've Got A Friend by Taragel:  A fun, fast paced vid for Starbuck and Helo's friendship.

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Since getting my iPhone and setting up my Last.fm profile I've been struck by how many songs and artists I've found through fan videos that I probably wouldn't have found otherwise.  Exposure to new music is a great bonus to vid watching.  Of course lots of the songs used in vids are ones you hear on the radio every so often, so it's not the first time I've heard the song or the only place I will ever hear it.  But vidders often use music that gets no airplay at all, so I might have never heard it if I never watched the vid.  If I fall in love with a vid I wind up loving the song to bits too.  I get a happy rush when hearing it and will always think of the vid.  So here is a lot of the music that I love that was discovered through vids and not heard anywhere else.

The music and vids )
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I've just gotten into Battlestar Galactica and I LOVE it!  So I've been searching out vids for Season 1, and here are some of my favorites.  Plus a few that actually convinced me to watch the series:  God Is A DJ, Cold, Cold Water and Mainstream.

God Is A DJ by Dualbunny:
(mostly season 1, but some of season 2.  Very minor spoilers.  I still recommend  it because it’ll get you pumped up for the show.  Plus I love Starbuck, and this vid is all about her).

Cold, Cold Water by SD Wolfpup: 
(spoilers through season 1.  Starbuck and Apollo)

Falling From The Sky by Jarrow:
(Doesn’t seem to have any spoilers.  Starbuck and her pilots)

The Scientist by Fahrbot Drusilla:
(Covers more than season 1, but I’m not sure that it has any spoilers.  Interesting character vid for Gaius Baltar, it will make you feel for him.  Plus he and Six have one of the most intriguing relationships of the series.)

The World Is Not Enough by butterfly:
( minor spoilers for season 1, but you may still want to see it.  Excellent character study for Six)

Bones by SabaceanBabe:
(spoilers through season 3, I think.  Good overview of the whole cast)

Mainstream by Charmax :
(I love Charmax!  Season 1 and beyond, I’m not sure how far.  Spoilers.)

Precious by Sabacean Babe:
( Spoilers!  Mostly season 1 I think.  Sharon and Helo)

Sex, Violence and Cylons by Martouf Marty:
(Excellent, but spoilers for season 1 and beyond, don’t watch till you’ve seen more.)



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