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I've just discovered Festivids and it's so much fun!  Like Yuletide for vids.  Here are a few of the entries I liked, though I haven't watched everything by far.  So far the vidders are still anonymous, I'm not sure when names will be revealed.

Treat Me Like A Villain for Milly, Dark Angel:
This was dark and complex and filled with so much pain. I've only seen a few Dark Angel episodes, but this makes me want to see more to really understand what was done here. Gorgeous editing though, with all the back and forth between strong and weak, triumph and despair.

Open Up for wyomingnot, The Fifth Element:
Really active editing and pretty source! Great beat, a lot of fun.

Body and Soul for hollywoodgrrl, Legend of the Seeker:
Another gorgeous vid, with fantastic, quick editing and beautiful source.  And a hot song with hot actors!
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So here's where I finally rec some vids from Vividcon. Better late than never, right? Wow, there were so many vids, and I’ve only gotten through the first two discs. I feel like I want to rec them all, but clearly that's not practical so I have to narrow down the list ;)

Motion Roller Coaster )

Premieres From Themed Shows )

Premieres )

Also Premiering )

I'll be posting more as I finish the other two discs, hopefully soon.


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