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So here's where I finally rec some vids from Vividcon. Better late than never, right? Wow, there were so many vids, and I’ve only gotten through the first two discs. I feel like I want to rec them all, but clearly that's not practical so I have to narrow down the list ;)

The first panel I saw was Motion Roller Coaster VJ'd by Anoel and it rocked. Every single vid was incredible, but here are some that really stood out for me. None of these are premiering, so many of you may have already seen them, but I still want to rec them.

Ecstatic Drum Trip by Luminosity, Farscape: I don't watch Farscape (yet) but this vid makes me want to. It's a massive rush of visuals that flow so well from one to the next, drawing connections between the characters that are intriguing. The whole thing is fast and cut well and amazing. I love the use of source audio, I really want to know the story behind it.

Circles by Laura Shapiro, West Wing (streaming): Again not a show I watch, but the visual brilliance of the vid came through anyway. West Wing is full of talking heads (so I've been told) so vidding it had to be a huge challenge, and she succeeded. She has the camera and the people constantly circling around, moving through the daily life of the White House at a pace that never let up, like duty never lets up.

Bedtime Story by Hollywoodgrrl, Legend of the Seeker: Really gorgeous editing. She was going for a surreal experience and she really succeeded. I love the way she slows and accentuates the fighting, it gives it a sensual feel that works really well with the music and other clips she chose. This got me interested enough to watch a few episodes when they came on TV. It looks like a pretty good show.

Would You? by astolat, Ocean's 11: Fun, nonstop vid of all the action in the movie. It made me laugh, too. Great vid.

Ready Steady Go by Gwyneth and M'lyn, multifandom: Action vid, moving from one car chase to the next. Cut really well, it flows smoothly.

Don't Cha/Seether by Milly, Angel/Buffy: Really, really cool vid for Buffy and Faith, she's such a fantastic vidder.

Street Cafe by Jill, Kathy and Kay, the Bourne movies: I love the Bourne movies for the sense of realism they bring to the spy genre, and for the character of Jason Bourne. The vidders really captured his sense of confusion, the way his life is spinning out of control and he's barely hanging on, barely understands what's going on. Visually excellent.

Filthy Mind by SE(solvi), multifandom: Fantastic use of several fandoms, she really connects them together through the motion of the characters and the camera. It flows smoothly from show to show and scene to scene.

Running on the Ragged Edge by maccinainterna, Speed Racer 2008: The vid makes the movie look so visually incredible. I'm not sure what the story is, other than winning races, but I want to see it now.

Premieres From Themed Shows

I Want What I Want by Dualbunny, Bionic Woman: I've never watched Bionic Woman but Dualbunny created an emotional and very rich story about these two women that is very appealing. It's got gorgeous fighting and drama, plus Katee Sackhoff. I love her as Starbuck in BSG, and it was nice to see some of that attitude come through in this vid.

Celebrity Skin by Jetpack Monkey, Josie and the Pussycats: Fun! This was such a fun vid, I enjoyed the friendships and the rockin song. 

Premieres: can I just say again how awesome it was to watch incredible vids on the big screen? Here are some of my favorites, and it was very hard not to rec each and every one of them.

Hard Sun by bradcpu & Laura Shapiro, Firefly: I got a pretty nostalgic feel from this vid. I love the concept: the show is on the air for a limited amount of time; it will eventually end, but its life and remembrance will go on in fandom. It's so true, and I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful to this whole fannish community that lets me squee and talk and pick apart all these shows and movies that I love.

Mad About You by gwyneth, Mad Men: This one really makes me feel for these women, and the difficult situations they find themselves in.

See The USA (In Your Chevrolet) by Carol S, Supernatural: Neo and I thought this was so cute, and very well done. Very creative use of the old Chevy jingle, and the black and white footage is perfect.

It Comes and Goes in Waves by M'lyn & Jo, Varg Veum movies: I don't know this source at all, but it really made an impression on me. The lyrical, flowing nature of the song was matched perfectly by the clips and cuts. It left me feeling for this policeman and the difficult nature of his job, and happy that he has a family to go home to. Very well done.

Marble House by hollywoodgrrl, Dr. Who: This is such an amazing vid, I can't even do it justice. My knowledge of Dr. Who is limited, but from what I know this is what I got about the vid: Mankind does awful things to each other, are we worth saving? The Doctor has to look at us and wonder sometimes. And yet, he has his own relationships that may show him that humanity is not all bad, that love is worth saving. The editing is superb here, everything is really tight and the whole thing drives and pushes onward with the beat of the music. It's full of emotion and erratic cuts and fantastic synching. Visually it's fantastic.

Then the Morning Comes by Eunice, Galaxy Quest: I love this movie, and I love this vid. It's so fun, I was smiling the whole time.

Comfortably Numb by Sisabet, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles: A complex and emotional vid. Complex visually, with all the boxes and overlays, complex character struggling with her identity. The part with the bird touched me. Excellent editing and gorgeous song choice.

Go Baby by Jescaflowne, Charlie's Angels: FUN! Full of glitter and good times and kicking ass! Plus, her use of slow motion and timing are excellent.

They Don't Know by Laura Shapiro, Dr. Who: I don't watch Dr. Who, but I can't help but be won over by the squee for the Doctor and Rose. This vid was just sweet and lovely, and the visual effects to the footage were so effective for the feeling of the vid. 

Also Premiering:

Elevation by Andraste, Iron Man: I love this vid! I love the motion, the awesome scenes of Tony creating and testing his suit, all the flying and fighting. Plus, she shows his big smiling joy at creating the suit very well. This movie is visually beautiful, and the vid uses it perfectly.

Bachelorette by obsessive24, Buffy I love the flow from one character to the next, one scene to the next in this one. It just moves so well. I love the song choice too, it adds so much drama and tension.

I'll be posting more as I finish the other two discs, hopefully soon.
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