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The OTW has finally released their projects for us to enjoy!

The Archive of Our Own is now open!  It's still in beta testing so you won't find all of the features available yet and the general public can't make accounts.  But you can search and read the fiction!  The site looks great and is really easy to navigate.  When searching by Fandom or Works you can filter the searches by ratings, character/pairing, tags and warnings.  And the tag feature is really cool.  They are accepting feedback so they can fix bugs and make it better.  It's awesome already, and even better that they are working to refine the search functions and will be adding vids eventually!  I'm so excited about it, it rocks!

The academic fan journal Transformative Works and Culture has released it's first issue.  I really enjoyed Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding by Francesca Coppa.  It has an excellent history of early vidders, why they began vidding, and the technical aspects of the process.  I enjoyed her thoughts on Star Trek and it's treatment of women, she made some excellent points about Number One and Spock.  And her coverage of the VCR vidders was so interesting to read, it must have been such a difficult way to vid.  The article also covers the variety of topics vidders express in their vids, some I had no idea existed.  But one of the things I like about vidding is that the average person has the control to express their thoughts on and shape the source, so I'm glad that others find a similar freedom.

The last new OTW project is FanLore,  the fan wiki.  Anyone can edit and add to the wiki if they set up an account.  They have sections for people, fan activities and communities and perspectives on fans.  I found the glossary of terms to be enlightening.

It's been a busy couple of months for the OTW with lots of stuff for me to do now!


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