May. 3rd, 2010

rdphantom: (Default), the platform for streaming sites like and BAM Vid Vault, is no longer offering free streaming of videos.  The communities will now have to pay to continue using Ning.  As a result, BAM is closing when Ning makes the official announcement, expected to be tomorrow.  BAM had over 13,000 members, so the vidding community is once again displaced. is going to try to stay open, and you can find other streaming sites and info on an auction which will benefit the OTW Here.

But the good news is that the OTW has posted their Vidding Roadmap!!!!  They expect to have a vidding resources site, a Dark Archive and a bittorrent tracking site up very soon!  They won't be streaming vids yet, because they don't feel they have the infrastructure or money to do so at this time.  But it's in the works!  In the mean time, torrents offer an inexpensive way to distribute our vids from one centralized location that won't go down in a year's time because somebody decided that user generated content doesn't suit their business model!! 

I didn't upload my videos anywhere besides YouTube for this very reason.  So far they haven't been booted from YT, and as long as that's the case I'll be leaving them there until the OTW has something to offer us.


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