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Have you seen Francesca Coppa's latest post to the OTW's website? It includes a link to her Things We Don't Have In The Future presentation at the University of the Arts, and it's fantastic. She talks about how remix and fan cultures are valid forms of critique and discussion about popular culture and the reality we live in by responding in kind. She shows how fan culture envisions a future world that suits us, and then creates it through our works. She showed the audience several vids and some fan art, and they got the message and enjoyed it! It was such a fantastic presentation and it left me with such a squeeful feeling at being involved in fandom, in this community of people who create such awesome things with such awesome meaning, because you guys rock! Lol, it was also neat to have recognized every single one of the vids she showed, and to experience vicariously with her showing these specific examples to an audience, one of which was a Star Trek vid.

I also really liked the video she linked to, This Too Shall Pass by Ok Go. It has an infectiously up-beat alternative sound that I loved. I especially loved the lyrics Can’t stop those kids from dancing / but why would you want to? as it could be seen in relation to remixing and vidding. Vidding is our dance, our celebration, and it's beautiful. So in the spirit of viral video and making music accessible to the masses, as Damian says in his Open Letter From OK Go, regarding non-embeddable YouTube videos, I'm embedding the video for your pleasure:

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.


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